Yamalube PEA Carbon Cleaner for All Petrol Engines- 50 ml

৳ 400.00

About this item

  • Powerfully cleans the inside of the engine. Restores the original power of the engine.
  • Recommended usage – 50ML to be used per 2 liter petrol. To be directly poured in fuel tanks.
  • This product uses special PEA (polyetheramine) as an active ingredient and contains it in extremely high purity. This product effectively removes carbon deposits (carbon deposits) that adhere to the combustion chamber, intake valve, injector, etc. inside the engine. It cleans and removes, restores the condition of the engine, and brings out the original performance of the engine.
  • This product is a cleaning ingredient contained in premium gasoline. Compatible with all 4-stroke gasoline vehicles. The inside of the engine is strongly cleaned up, and the original power of the engine is restored.
  • Engine noise reduction, Cleaner exhaust emission, Engine vibration reduction, Add every 3000 KM for keeping carbon removed from engine parts


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