Total HBF Brake Fluid Dot 4

৳ 650.00

Key Features of Total HBF Brake Fluid Dot 4

Item: Brake Fluid
Brand: Total
Model: HBF4 (DOT4)
Quantity: 0.5L
Origin: Formulated in France / Manufactured in Spore
Condition: 10/10 (New)
Color: Golden
Country of origin: France.
Reason to sell: Bought extra

  • Synthetic fluid.
  • Very high dry and wet boiling points adjusted to high temperatures encountered in braking systems : prevents “vapor lock”.
  • Resistant to moisture absorption.
  • Viscosity suitable at cold as well as high temperatures.
  • Provides corrosion protection for metals used in braking systems : cast iron, aluminum, steel, copper, brass etc.
  • Compatible with rubber seals and hoses.


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