Shell Long Life RED COOLANT 1L

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Making the right coolant choice for you

Coolants are designed to protect engines from overheating and protect the cooling system from damage caused by corrosion, scaling and sediment build-up.

However, the use of poor-quality coolants can cause heat transfer problems and corrosion, which may result in expensive breakdowns and parts failures. High-quality coolants prevent this damage, keeping your vehicle on the road and out of the workshop.

Why using high-quality coolants matters:

Red icon with thermometerShell coolants help to prevent engine overheating, which can lead to breakdowns and costly repairs.

Red icon with a water dropletShell coolants are compatible with elastomer seals to prevent leaking.

Red icon with water droplet in a wheelShell coolants help to prevent water pump damage from cavitation, pitting and corrosion.

Red icon with corroded circleShell coolants protect cylinder liners from damage caused by cavitation, corrosion and pitting, and help prevent loss of efficiency.

Red icon with corroded circleShell coolants protect heat exchangers from damage caused by freezing, corrosion, scale and sediment, and provide effective heat transfer performance.

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