BIZOL All round 0W-20 Semi Synthetic Car Engine Oil – 4L

৳ 4,000.00

reduction of CO2 emissions
excellent lubricating properties minimize wear of engine components
compatible with downsized engines

Product Description:
BIZOL Allround 0W-20 is a high quality hydrocracked synthetic oil developed to reduce CO2 emissions. This low-viscosity engine oil perfectly suits downsized gasoline engines with and without turbocharger und modern emission control systems. The main focus in the development of this modern engine oil was on reducing oil consumption and pollutant emissions. This was achieved by fusing quality base oil and premium additives. BIZOL Allround 0W-20 also has excellent dispersing and antioxidant properties ensuring a long-lasting cleanliness of all engine components, a long engine life and long maintenance intervals. It minimizes the risk of LSPI.


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