Flamingo Rubbing Compound – 946ml

৳ 2,000.00

It contains a high abrasive formula and can remove the painted surface defects rapidly and safely, especially the light graze and oxidation. It runs smoothly and has a small quantity of splatter and dust. The abrasive can function for quick results, decomposing into tiny abrasive particles automatically, making it safe to use and effect remarkable.

Printed Surface should be clean and cool to the touch before applying the product. Shake well before using a high speed buffer. When using the rotary polishing machine to ground, spray moderate water on painted surfaces to reduce the heat caused by friction between it and the grinding disk. Control its rotating speed between 1500 to 2000.

1. If careless, take it or splash into the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water or go to a doctor.
2. If there is a sensitive skin phenomenon, clean it with soap and a large amount of water.


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