Flamingo Brake Cleaner – 450ml

৳ 500.00

Flamingo Brake Cleaner could penetrate, dissolved, remove braking system, cluth and brake calipers, dust, oil and other impurities, and so on. To maintain excellent braking systems braking performance, braking eliminate the piercing sound, carefully nurturing your traffic safety.


1. Shake well and use this product in well-ventilated area.
2.Place a basin at the bottom of cleaning parts.
3.Insert the hose into the nozzle, spray the disc brakes and other brake parts surface at a distance of 30-40cm.
4.For special grease, spray over and over again.wipe the grease with a towel or a brush.
5.After finish cleaning,dry it with high pressure air. assemble after completely dry, if not completely dry, can cause temporary brake performance degradation.
6.At last,do braking test 2-3 times.


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