Flamingo Paint Remover 450ml

৳ 350.00

Key Features of Flamingo Paint Remover 450ml :

This product belongs to a high efficient peel off aerosol paint remover, It has many advantages, such as easy to operate, high efficiency to remove paint, no corrosion to the metal. Mainly used in the removal of air dry alkyd resin varnish, basecoat baking enamel, and nitro-lacquer acrylic paint. Also used in peeling of some of low temperature curing two component epoxy with barrier paint. Widely used in peeling off the paint surface of car, motorcycle, machine, equipment, meter etc.


Preparing a rag before you apply it. And you’d better apply the remover in a well-ventilated area. Shaking the aerosol can up and down several times softly to blend the liquid well-proportioned, and take away the cap to apply. Aim the nozzle at the stuff which you want to remove the paint, press the nozzle, meanwhile, move the can slowly to ensure the area you want to cover is sprayed. After spraying, wait for several seconds and then wipe the liquid with the rag. If you are not satisfied with some segment, you can spray at that segment again like before and wipe again.


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