Quaker City Motor Flush Made in USA – 443ml

৳ 350.00

Key Features of Quaker City Motor Flush

  • Stops engine sludge and acid build-up
  • Stops sticky valves and rings
  • Extends engine lifes
  • Conditions metal parts
  • Improves drainage during oil changes
  • Disperses and removes engine contaminant

Quaker City Motor Flush is specially formulated to help prevent wear, condition metal parts, improve drainage during oil changes and disperse and remove engine contaminants. With a world class team of research chemists, state of the art laboratory, and advanced methods of statistical process control, Quaker City products remain a driving force in international automotive products.

Directions: Add contents to crankcase before changing oil. Idle engine for 3-5 minutes. Remove drain plug to drain contaminated oil. Change oil filter and refill crankcase with clean oil.

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