Mitasu 20W40 Mineral Engine Oil – 1 Litre

৳ 750.00

Mitasu 20W40 Mineral Engine Oil Key Features:

  • Superior wear protection
  • Protection from deposits in the engine
  • Stable performance at the wide range of temperatures

MITASU 4-STROKE MA2 20W-40 is a premium quality four-stroke engine oil formulated with a high quality base and a modern additive package. Highly resistant to oxidation, the product guarantees optimum wear protection and prevents deposits in the engine.

MITASU 4-STROKE MA2 20W-40 is designed for use in the lubricating systems of air-cooled and water-cooled 4T scooter and motorcycle engines, including those, operation continuously under high load conditions. It meets the requirements of JASO MA2 ensures precision operation of the wet-clutch in 4T motorcycles with an integrated transmission, is compatible with aftertreatment systems.

About Mitasu Motorcycle Oil

The latest technologies of MITASU OIL CORPORATION, Japan enable the four-stroke motorcycle engine oils, manufactured by the company, to exceed the requirements of such motorcycle manufacturers as HONDA, TVS, SUZUKI, YAMAHA, BAJAJ and others.


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