Mannol SCT Brake Fluid Dot-4 Made in Germany – 500ml

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Key Features of Mannol SCT Brake Fluid Dot-4

  • Branded product of SCT Germany/Mannol
  • Brake Fluid DOT-4 is a synthetic liquid
  • Capacity: 500ml (approximately)
  • Approvals/specifications: SAE J 1703, FMVSS 116 DOT 4, ISO 4925

Mannol brake fluid DOT-4 is a synthetic fluid for hydraulic braking and Clutch systems. Provides reliable operation of the brake system thanks to a high boiling point (> 260°C) and excellent properties at low temperatures (up to -40°C). It has a high chemical stability. Completely neutral in relation to the individual parts of the Brake System Can be mixed with fully synthetic brake fluids of the same specification.

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