Flamingo Multi Purpose Tyre Sealant – 500ml

৳ 300.00

Key Features of Flamingo Multi Purpose Tyre Sealant

  • Ideal for Tubeless Tyres
  • Stops Flat and Seals Leaks
  • Made of organic polymer material, which is neutral and is of no corrosion to metals or rubber
  • Added one time into the tyre and stops up to 60 leakages
  • Can cover the breach within 6mm
  • Good levelling to automatically seek-out the leakage in seconds
  • No volatile, non-flammable, anti-freezing
  • Long-lasting effect
  • Net Weight: 500ml
  • Product Code: F148
  • Engineered in the USA & Manufactured in China

Amount for Use:
125ml-250ml for bicycles
350ml-500ml for motorcycles
500ml-1000ml for small size cars
1000ml-2000km for big cars

1. Open the valve of tyre, fill this Tyre Sealant into the tyre
2. Close the valve of tyre and turn the tyre running for a few minutes
3. When driving, if insufficient air is found in tyre, re-pump the tyre

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