BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-30 Full Synthetic Car Engine Oil – 4L

৳ 4,800.00


  • BIZOL COMB LubriBoost technology consists of surface-active block copolymers that prevent oil film collapse
  • 2D Surface Gel Technology provides special protection for hybrid vehicles and vehicles with start-stop systems
  • the main function of the BIZOL W-guard technology is to control wear and to contribute to more fuel economy


Product Description: 

To match the needs for engine oil in hybrid vehicles or vehicles with start stop systems our BIZOL engineers have developed new engine oil technologies. BIZOL Green Oil + 5W-30 is designed for gasoline and diesel engines. An improved high temperature protection on pistons, excellent mud control and higher seal compatibility are other features of this oil. It provides optimum protection for turbochargers and is compatible with new exhaust aftertreatment systems (such as DPF). The COMB LubriBoost and 2D surface gel technology provides for better lubricity and a constant adhesion of the lubrication film on all engine parts. The OxShield technology allows for higher oxidation stability and ensures protection during prolonged oil change intervals. Tiny nanoparticles of a highly shearable material represent the so-called W-guard technology ensuring protection of all critical engine components that are highly susceptible to wear. BIZOL Green Oil+ 5W-30 minimizes the risk of LSPI.


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